To be boldened in the Blues and Purples

Monti 8 

Latina, Italy

December 2022

This Body of work explores the idea of apocalypse and a dark age. However, instead of fearing this time, the figures embrace with the storm which has come, somehow knowing intuitively that a time of spring will be born after. The Blues and Purples, relate to the time we are living in; This blue phase that seems to come and go. The ups and downs of our history. The idea of darkness and light. I was inspired by the colors that seemed to permeate my psyche lately. I became attracted to these more somber tones and notes, eventually finding the hidden vibrancy that lies within them. I gave myself a limited palette to work with, which in a wierd way granted more freedom to explore another range of hues. The figures are often shown more lay-den in shadow, the highlights become pink, purple, and blue. I began to see more within the skin and form of the body. The figures are not always grounded in the landscape and seem to be rooten more in the dreamed space. I wanted the figures to be transporting, aloof and airy, shocasing their impermanence.

And, then they heard the Wind

Seasons LA 

Los Angeles, Ca May 2022

The story of migration is told through an analagous lens via the space of new possiblity. I was inspired by the time we were living in, and the sense of unease that has blanketed our comfort zones. With this exhibition, these ever adapting characters (Chameleons) are shown often as archetypes, comanding some sene of the land. The wind acts as The Colonizer; moving, approaching and ready to strip the land of its bounty. For until this point, they had not been previewed to this element of subjugation that has plauged our own world. I wanted to show this story as though it was set in a parallel Universe; This >Future> Past. Our story intersecting with theirs, while at other times not, insted the narrative becomes more dreamlike. The paintings showing worry, but also hope. This thinking of tomorrow, the very human thing of us, always looking to move once things seem to be changing for the worst, migrating to a new place with its own set of challanges, and the very sameness wet set out to escape, 

In an Age of A(Simulation)

Mindy Solomon Gallery 

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Miami, Florida. September, 2021.

Chameleon; To Be of an Ambiguous Origin

Monti 8 Gallery

Latina, Italy. July 2021