Lanise Howard

Visual Artist

                      About the artist

Lanise Howard is a Los Angeles artist, born in Los Angeles, and raised in both California and New York. Starting at a very early age, art has always been her passion. She talks about her mother saying how she would draw butterflies on the wall at the age of two with startling realism. This idea of capturing the real and ideal would continue on In her early drawings and mixed media works. Recently she has taken her skills in capturing the “real”, and has aspired to elevate this by capturing new possibilites and outcomes; a world that is related but analogous to our own. Realted, but where new narratives can exsist for humanity, especially for people of color.  She says that she wants to forge new realities and narratives, for those who are often unheard and unaccounted for. Her paintings are figurative with a fusion of many different painting languages. Surrealism, Cubism, Realism, Futurism, Abstraction, and more recent, Afro futurism, movements can be indenified as influences for Lanise, as she finds interesting ways to infuse them into her works. For this reason among others, her work as been said to exsist in different periods of time; the past, the present, and the near future. Her unique painting language has adopted from earlier doctrines, and has given her lessons on techniques and creating compositions. Still, much of her contemporary and future narratives comes from her own dreams, where she receives many of those inspirations. The challenge is first deciphering the dream and then finding a way to communicate this in a nuanced and compelling way. For her this process is one of learning and growing each step of the way, where she feels she gains new knowledge from each piece, and can then bridge into the next story. These stories, continually unveiled, are ones which Lanise says are necessary and must be told. She believes as though she is a messenger. A task which is very difficult but rewarding. This is her life’s work.